For Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Ebonyi State Government Stimulus Development Projects is designed to encourage Indigenes’ of Ebonyi State in their professional and entrepreneurial passions for growth.

About Project

Due to the desire of the Engr Dave Umahi Led administration to harness the human capital of the state and to match the infrastructural revolution in the state, the government initiated the Ebonyi State Stimulus Development Projects (EB-SDP). On the 23rd of April 2019 the State Government through its Executive Council approved this program for the benefit of indigenes of Ebonyi State. To the effect as follows:

The EB-SDP is designed to be a continuous program and to this end, the government is committed to ensuring that it fulfils its mandate and hopes that future administrations will key into the program.

Method of Application:
  1. Application is only through this online process and opens from 1st of June 2019 and closes on the 30th of June 2019
  2. Complete form at this site
Qualification for Application:
  1. Engineers and Information Technology.
  2. Medicine.
  3. Business Interest (Chartered Accountants, Consultants in Finance, Insurance, and Business development).
  4. Elders seeking business opportunities and those seeking to enhance present businesses. (Elders are those over the age of 60 Years as at May 2019).
  5. Traders involved in import and export with turnover of 10m Annually.
  6. Teachers (Science and English Subject Teachers).


1. The Categories are six (6) in number and you are encouraged to pick only one.

2. The form is online and can only be completed online

3. Once you complete the form, a serial number is generated and a copy of the form you completed is sent to your email address (ensure you use a working email)

4. You will be invited through your email for interview if selected.

5. If Selected, your life will change, immediately, you could receive a grant, state guarantee, employment or consulting work, (this is based on your category selection)

6. If your area is business, consulting, medicine and depending on the request, additional training, mentorship or significant assistance would be made immediately available to you.

7. Check this site for updates and news of testimonies of participants.